Tides (2014)
23 min – Short / Drama – Arri Alexa
American Film Institute

Director: Risto Tuominen
Writers: Dawn DeVoe & Risto Tuominen
Producer: Dawn DeVoe
Cinematographer: Ed Wu
Production designer: Patricia Klawonn
Editor: John Carner
Sound designer: Scott A. Jennings
Composer: Jörg Hüttner
Cast: Shawn Lockie, Will Beinbrink, Sean Brosnan

A woman must face the past in the midst of a new marriage when her ex-boyfriend dies in combat and wills his sperm to her.

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Other films


This reel is based on three production exercise short films (“cycle films”) Risto Tuominen directed while at the American Film Institute.

The films: The Confession (2012), Linger (2013), The Ride (2013)



The Good Daughter (2008)
12 min – Short / Drama – 16mm
Play Right Productions

Director: Risto Tuominen
Writer, producer, cinematographer, editor: Avi Michael
Production designer: Julia Peachum
Sound designer: Douglas Quin
Composer: Yari
Cast: Julie Payne, Dennis Bahler

A young girl from the rural South tries to escape the tyranny of her father.

This little film was shot with a skeleton crew. A hand-cranked Bolex 16mm film camera was used to capture the rustic beauty of North Carolina’s countryside.

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